POWER training program for law enforcement officers

Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilience

An evidence-based, 12-week intensive program to support first responder physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

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The POWER program is a nationally certified officer training course built on science-based strategies for optimizing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The program teaches foundational practices for enhancing wellbeing and optimizing performance, while introducing and reinforcing methodologies for working more effectively with stress.

The POWER curriculum addresses critical topics like burnout, empathy fatigue, moral distress, depersonalization and pathological altruism. Agencies working with POWER find that the program leads to stronger relationships, more positive agency culture and enhanced community relations.

The Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilience (POWER) Training Program is an intensive and interactive cohort-based three-month curriculum for police and correctional officers that utilizes mindfulness practices, compassion-based communication exercises, and training in wellness-related areas such as stress management and self-care.

The program combines innovations in neuroscience, practices to strengthen attention and focus, mindfulness activities, along with regular peer-led “council huddles,” wherein officers gather to unpack the topics explored in the curriculum that are showing up in their lives and work. Over time, these ongoing small groups help integrate the curriculum into agency culture. 

an evidence-based wellness program for law enforcement

POWER has been evaluated by researchers utilizing psychosocial surveys developed with RAND CORP & UCLA, utilizing a range of validated academic scales.This data points to statistically significant improvement in mindfulness, emotion regulation, empathy, perceived stress and anger.

Anecdotal evidence (focus groups and testimonials) include reports of reduction in headaches and stomach aches, better sleep, more exercise and decreases in blood pressure, as well as improved family relations and better overall mood.

technological advances track health improvements

Recent technological advances have made it possible to include biometric measurements, assessing Heart Rate Variability. For police officers in the 3-month POWER Training Program, researchers found a trend toward increased Very Low Frequency HRV after 3 months.

This finding implies improved health and correlates with their anecdotal remarks on what they were experiencing in their health. Research also demonstrated that their HRV pattern became more coherent.

our POWER program demonstrates consistent positive outcomes across these 16 areas:





physical & mental health



sleep disturbance

perceived stress

social connectedness

workplace connectedness

family functioning

burnout inventory

emotional intelligence

emotional regulation

operational &

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what officers have to say about the POWER Training Program:

I think most training is geared to making the individual a better officer. This training was geared more making the individual healthier and a better person. But then you flip that and say, Well, if you get a better person and a healthier person, you get a better officer.


biometric research and the science behind POWER

Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Ann Seide has developed a research protocol for measuring biometric data easily captured before and after the POWER course through technology developed by the HeartMath Institute. Data from initial studies indicate considerable improvements in participants' autonomic health, which correlates with reports of better sleep, more energy, loss of weight and lower blood pressure.

Watch as Dr. Ann shares the science behind the POWER program and find out more about the biometric research.

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APRIL 2024

beyond us & them featured in Psychology Today

Jared Seide, Executive Director of Beyond Us & Them, and Chief Medical Advisor and physician Dr. Ann Seide spoke to Psychology Today to discuss how the practice of council can be used to overcome divisive "us versus them" thinking.


The article dives into the epidemic of loneliness and isolation highlighted by US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and how the practice of council is working to solve it.

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Cops & communities: Circling Up

police-community relations

Beyond Us & Them is committed to finding ways to foster recognition of the value of our diverse cultures and shared humanity, as well as practices that generate productive dialogue and opportunities for connection. Our "Cops & Communities: Circling Up" program brings together law enforcement officers, community leaders and formerly incarcerated individuals to explore where there is common ground in their seemingly disparate experiences and how council can serve as a model for improving police-community relations.

March 2024

IACP officer wellness conference on POWER and compassion

Beyond Us & Them was invited to present at the IACP Officer Wellness Conference about the unique and highly successful Peace Officer Wellness Empathy & Resilience program.

Dr Ann Seide discusses the facets of the program that can provide a framework to build other successful, impactful, sustainable, and well-rounded wellness programs for law enforcement personnel.

This conversation was moderated by DOJ’s COPS Office.

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POWER in the news

Jared Seide talks POWER on The Beat: listen here...

COPS Dispatch article on POWER

MEDIUM article on POWER

Interested in the POWER program?

If you'd like to find out more about bringing the POWER officer wellness program to your organization, please contact our team to discuss.