Our work with organizations is designed to strengthen and support staff members' and stakeholders' individual wellbeing while also creating a more collaborative and compassionate work environment for all.

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Beyond Us & Them provides an evidence-based resource that can be integrated into any organizational environment to achieve a high-impact, sustainable shift toward a more cooperative, creative, and engaged workplace.


  • Team Cohesion & Collaboration
  • Stress Reduction
  • Creative Productivity
  • Self-care

benefits of our programs

Improved communication

Enhanced listening skills

Greater team cohesion

Increased sense of empathy

Deeper bond with coworkers

Program evaluation conducted by independent researchers at UCLA found that council-based programs can be successfully implemented in a variety of different organizational structures.

Embedding council in your organization can help

  • transform relationships
  • enhance team-building
  • mitigate work stressors
  • foster a sense of inclusion
  • support self-care

healthier organizational culture

Participants in previous professional council trainings have reported experiencing a change in how they connect with colleagues, as well as friends and loved ones, reduced work-related stressors, a better understanding of those around them and a new ability to express themselves both in and outside the work environment. Participants in our organizational programs also reported:

  • enhanced communication skills
  • greater workplace connectedness
  • deeper empathy
  • improved mindfulness
  • higher morale
  • reduced social anxiety when having to speak in group settings
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what participants have to say about our programs:

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immersive workshops, retreats & coaching

Beyond Us & Them provides a range of services to support healthy, compassionate, and motivated organizational culture: our offerings range from a 2-hour facilitated introductory session to 2-day staff trainings, immersive workshops and retreats, as well as extended group coaching and individualized consultation.

Contact our team to discuss bringing our programming to your organization.

Beyond Us & Them offers customized, cohort-based training programs intended to teach the practice of council, reinforce facilitation skills and reinforce inclusiveness and engagement. Additionally, workshops may be designed to turn into topics relevant to the needs of organizations. Topic areas can include: 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Culturally Based Communication 
  • Community Engagement & Outreach 
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Exploration
  • Unpacking Values and Bias
  • Restorative Practices

Topics are developed and integrated as a supplement to basic training in council practice and can be customized to meet the needs of unique groups of participants.

If you'd like to discuss bringing a council-led program to your organization, please contact our team.

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supporting organizations in the US & globally

Beyond Us & Them has tailored programs to fit the needs and budgets of organizations of any size. Our work has been included in a wide variety of initiatives and convenings around the world. Our trainers have supported organizations and communities in France, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Rwanda and Israel, and in cities across the United States. Read about our international partnerships with Zen Peacemakers.

Through customized training programs, mentorship, and consultation, Beyond Us & Them supports individuals, organizations, and communities in bearing witness, finding common ground, repairing harm, and building trust.

Contact our team to discuss bringing council to your organization.


Interested in our organizational training & programs?

If you'd like to find out more about Council training for your organization or would like to discuss a bespoke program or training, please contact our team to discuss.

Case Study: non-profit & social justice ORGANIZATIONS training

organizational wellness program for social justice & non-profit organizations

We were able to bring our council-based wellbeing programs to a consortium of 14 social justice organizations with generous support from the Angell Foundation.

The Organizational Wellness Project offered participating organizations customizable program modules, including:

  • A series of community-building experiences
  • Immersive Council facilitation training for a select internal team
  • Individualized and small-group mentoring
  • Ongoing, hands-on support with integrating the practice of Council into organizational culture and operations

Watch the video to hear feedback from the organizations involved or read more about it below.

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