The short answer:  Public Council Training Workshops are open to the public; Professional Staff Trainings are privately contracted; Council-Based Programs are designed and led by Beyond Us & Them and typically funded by grants and donations from our allies and supporters.

The long answer:  

Public Council Trainings Workshops:  All are welcome to sign up to join us in a two-day workshop, led by our certified council trainers. These offerings are intended for individuals looking for ideas, practices and tools to improve wellbeing, strengthen personal or professional communication, sharpen attention and renew intention. No prior knowledge of council is necessary. Attending one of our two-day Foundations of Council Training (CT1) workshops, which are organized periodically throughout the year, is a great way to experience council first-hand and learn the context and the skills necessary to begin to integrate it into one's life and work.  

Professional Staff Trainings:  Unlike Public Council Training Workshops, Professional Staff Trainings are available for the staff of businesses, schools, organizations and groups looking to improve communication, build trust and morale, become more cohesive, re-energize intention and improve wellbeing and positive culture. These offerings can be customized to suit the needs of the client and particulars of the group. Two of our most popular Professional Training programs are for School Faculty and Staff and our Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilicience Training Program.

We also offer an assortment of Interactive Presentations, Customized Consultation, Mentoring and Coaching to organizations and individuals; contact our staff for more details.

The grant-funded programs described here include the Organizational Wellness Project (formerly Social Justice Council Project), for the staff and stakeholders of community-based organizations, and the Council for Insight, Compassion and Resilience, for incarcerated men and women learning to practice and facilitate council circles in prison. Our programming is made possible by grant funding and the gifts and donations of our generous allies and supporters. We hope you will take time to read about this varied programming and check back to learn about the new initiatives we are developing to make council training and programming available in wide-ranging settings and contexts.