council reentry program

Reducing recidivism through addressing the needs of formerly incarcerated individuals who return home and commit to successful reentry.

customized support & training

The Council Reentry Program supports the needs of program participants with a customized approach that offers warm hand-off support services initiated during incarceration, and continues throughout the release and reintegration process with case management, ongoing council sessions for participants and their families, and advanced training in council facilitation for those who have found healing in this practice and want to carry it to their communities.

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changing mindsets, enriching culture, reducing recidivism

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and is host to the largest number of individuals returning from state prison. There are so many challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals face upon release, including finding housing and employment, the stigma of being an “ex-offender” and the repair and renewal of supportive and healthy relationships with families and friends.

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​Recognizing and overcoming old habits and avoiding reversion to “the criminal mentality” can be an enormous challenge when returning to one’s community. The culture in prison is often marked by power and aggression, resulting in adaptive behavior and communication that is inappropriate on the outside and can lead to conflict, harm and even rearrest.

the council reentry program is comprised of three components:

Case Management, the cornerstone of the Council Reentry Program, is provided with compassion, empathy, and guidance by someone who has walked the path themselves.

Beginning with a focus on in-reach to those who have confirmed that they will be returning to the Los Angeles area, Case Managers assess each individual's needs to meet them where they are and collaborate to provide resources and create a unique transition plan. 

Case Managers partner with participants to navigate the trepidation, uncertainty, and anxiety of reentry and tailor linkages and referrals to key service providers to help make the transition from incarceration as smooth as possible.

real life stories

reentry workshops

The Council Reentry Program also offers thematic gatherings, workshops and events intended to provide resources, expand knowledge and foster group engagement. These offerings have included workshops on Redefining Masculinity, Preventing Domestic Violence and a family-oriented Day of Celebration for participants and their loved ones. Below are some examples of recent offerings:

Redefining Masculinity

Domestic Violence Prevention

Strength and Wellness Day

Leaving Prison Behind: A Council Before I Go

Leaving Prison Behind... is a beautiful and powerful illustrated novella that was created to be a resource for individuals facing the challenges of incarceration, rehabilitation and the path to freedom. It weaves the words, stories and insights of system-impacted individuals and those who support them.

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funding our programs in prisons

We are grateful for funding that has come through private sources (including the JIB Fund Community Building Initiative), supplementing the state-funded programs and enabling us to expand the reach of the program to several additional facilities.

If you'd like to find out more about supporting our work with incarcerated and system-impacted individuals, click below.

Interested in our prison or rentry programs?

If you'd like to find out more about bringing our Council for Insight, Compassion & Resilience program or Council Reentry Program to your prison, please contact our team to discuss.

supported projects


los angeles reentry collaborative

The Los Angeles Reentry Collaborative is an initiative launched and hosted by Beyond Us & Them that weaves a network of organizations serving formerly incarcerated individuals with the intention of supporting successful reentry and reintegration and reducing recidivism in Central and South Los Angeles.

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latest news

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Reentry Family Holiday Celebration