about us

Beyond Us & Them is the leading solution-focused nonprofit organization providing dynamic and scalable practices and trainings to combat the loneliness epidemic and foster social connection.

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We envision a culture of social connection, engagement and resilience that promotes mutual respect, wellbeing and care and dismantles systems of oppression, exclusion and racism.

our mission

Our mission is to promote structures of belonging, utilizing council and other practices to encourage social connection and wellbeing for system-impacted and other populations. To achieve this mission, we create programs and deliver trainings that resource individuals and organizations in self-awareness, self-regulation, effective communication and embodied compassion.

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what we do

We offer an evidence-based curriculum, combining the latest innovations in contemplative neuroscience with instruction in mindfulness practice and peer-led group council facilitation to deliver powerful and sustainable skills-based programming.

Our trainings for educators, first responders, organizational staff, and other professionals, as well as for system-impacted populations, are cohort-based and emphasize authentic engagement and structured individual and group practice.

Our programs incorporate mindfulness and council pedagogy, as well as practice, and build practical skills for cultivating resilience amidst stressful conditions, honing attention, regulating emotions, understanding behavioral cues and cultivating positive relationships.

our trainings

Trainings are typically structured around initial immersive workshop sessions, followed by individualized curriculum that is assigned and practiced in the weeks following the workshop, and supported by regular small group “Council Huddles.” Asynchronous self-paced online work and supplemental training sessions are woven throughout our programs to supplement the learning journey.

The practice of council builds communication skills and promotes compassion, cooperation, and wellbeing. Sharing and listening to universal stories about love, loss, fear, triumph, challenge, hope and other experiences enables participants to recognize that, despite our many differences, we have much in common. ​


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our commitments

Creating Structures of Belonging:  we provide programming, training and support for creating and sustaining opportunities for individuals to connect in authentic and meaningful ways to practice insight, cultivate relationality and develop compassion for themselves and others, as well as for the environment in which they live and work

Focusing on Real World Impact: our work transforms systems through training law enforcement, community-based organizations, educators and policymakers to embody humanity, compassion and resilience in their work and their lives

Utilizing Evidence-Based Methodology: we rely on evidence-based approaches validated by independent studies. Research has demonstrated that our programs lead to increases in communication skills, empathy, workplace connectedness, mindfulness, improved health, as well as reduced stress, social anxiety and anger

Championing Reform: we believe in leading with vulnerability, candor and resolve and put that into practice as we call for transformational change of systems, policies and practices

our programs

Our programs and training are designed to resource individuals and organizations in self-awareness, self-regulation, effective communication and embodied compassion.

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who we serve

We are committed to transforming systems through training law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, educators, policymakers and community based organizations, among other populations and individuals, to cultivate wellness, relationality, compassion and resilience. Read more about our work here.

council practice

Council practice is at the core of all of our programs. It represents an amalgam of teachings, wisdom traditions and schools of thought from around the globe, blended with science-based mindfulness practices and modern communication techniques developed over several decades. Council offers skillful means for building bridges and developing connection in an increasingly divided world, a tool that can and should be available to all people of all walks of life. Learn more about why we use council.

meet our team

From our staff handling the day-to-day logistics of delivering our programs to our community liaisons, certified council trainers, outreach team and board members... meet the people behind Beyond Us & Them.