Organizational Wellness Project

Organizations that serve our most vulnerable communities face, themselves, increasing workloads and escalating stress. The need has never been greater to support social justice and social service organizations with tools for creating cohesiveness, engagement, and sustainability.

Beyond Us & Them (formerly Center for Council’s) Organizational Wellness Project (formerly called the Social Justice Council Project) is designed to strengthen and support those working on the front lines of social justice and community engagement by providing council training, mentoring and consultation to the staff of qualifying organizations to develop skills to more effectively engage with constituents and stakeholders, while also fostering more cooperative and supportive work environments and organizational culture.

The Organizational Wellness Project offers participating organizations customizable program modules, including:

  • A series of community-building experiences
  • Immersive Council facilitation training for a select internal team
  • Individualized and small-group mentoring
  • Ongoing, hands-on support with integrating the practice of Council into organizational culture and operations

Our 2019-2020 Organization Wellness Project cohort included:

Previous participant organizations

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Beyond Us and Them team

Beyond Us and Them team

Beyond Us and Them is the leading solution-focused organization providing dynamic and scalable practices to combat the loneliness epidemic and foster social connection.

It creates programs and delivers training for law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, educators, policymakers, and community-based organizations, among other populations and individuals, to cultivate wellness, relationality, compassion, and resilience.