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The Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilience (POWER) Training Program is a nationally certified intensive and interactive curriculum for police and correctional officers that utilizes mindfulness practices, compassion-based communication exercises and training in wellness-related areas such as stress management and self-care.

Participants in the conversation documented in the video below were all active officers with the Los Angeles Police Department who had recently completed Beyond Us & Them’s nationally certified POWER training program

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Tailored resilience & wellbeing program for officers

Our POWER Training Program is an evidence-based program that teaches powerful stress management and self-care techniques, equipping officers with tools to communicate more effectively and to de-escalate conflict without resorting to excessive use of force. The approach reinforces skills of attention, self-regulation and discernment, fostering a deeper understanding and more skillful approach to implicit bias, cultural diversity and community policing.

Evidence-based intervention shows improvements in physical health, empathy and emotional awareness

Independent evaluation of the LAPD POWER program cohorts conducted by UCLA researchers ​found that the program produced statistically significant increases in empathy and emotional awareness and suggested notable improvement in physical health. ​​

Read the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office evaluation report and LAPD evaluation report on recent POWER Training pilot programs.

Seal of Excellence

In September 2022, the POWER Training Program received the National Certification Program Seal of Excellence from IADLEST, the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training. After a thorough and rigorous independent review process, IADLEST concluded that the POWER curriculum and program design was of exceptional quality.

IADLEST National Certification marks the latest step in Beyond Us & Them’s partnership with the US Department of Justice COPS (Community Oriented Policing Solutions) Office, which began in March of 2022. This partnership seeks to promote the POWER program and its innovative curriculum at “the intersection of wellness, compassion, procedural justice and community building.”

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