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We are thrilled to celebrate the initiation of Beyond Us & Them. In furtherance of our mission to ​promote communication, enhance well-being, build community, and foster compassion, Beyond Us & Them is the successor organization to Center for Council and will serve as a home for the deepening, expansion and evolution of our powerful programming and will provide an anchor for the growing movement to create structures of belonging that foster inclusion, engagement and social connection.

Beyond Us & Them is now an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has now absorbed all of Center for Council’s operations, programming and activities. As this process unfolds, we are excited to share some initial information on the initiative and its core values and to help build a circle of support around this new initiative.

Beyond Us & Them makes the following commitments — and invites supporters to join us:


Beyond Us & Them is committed to:

●      Structures of Belonging: providing programming, training and support for creating and sustaining opportunities for individuals to connect in authentic and meaningful ways to practice insight, cultivate relationality and develop compassion for themselves and others, as well as for the environment in which they live and work

●      Real World Impact: transforming systems through training law enforcement, community-based organizations, educators and policymakers to work more skillfully with humanity, compassion and resilience

●      Evidence-Based Methodology: implementing evidence-based approaches validated by independent studies. Research has demonstrated that our programs lead to increases in communication skills, empathy, workplace connectedness, mindfulness, as well as reductions in social anxiety

●      Championing Reform: leading with vulnerability, candor and resolve as we call for transformational change of systems, policies and practices

Beyond Us & Them invites your commitment to:

●      Dissolving Bias: We commit to shining a light on any prejudice or bias we discover within us. Our intention is to meet this moment with clarity, curiosity and courage. We reflect on ourselves and our assumptions about others with honesty and candor.

●      Listening from the Heart: When we listen beyond our assumptions and judgments, we hear the stories that make us human, and we inevitably recognize the joy, pain, fear and love that mark our shared journey and demonstrate our commonality and interconnectedness. Transformative action depends upon learning to really listen to one another. We will cultivate our capacity to sit with discomfort and bear witness to one another’s triumphs, challenges and lived experiences.

●      Practice: We build resolve through our commitment to practices that foster greater self-awareness, insight and self-regulation. We recognize the value of integrating council, mindfulness and other compassion-based practices into all settings and structures in which individuals interact — and we will work to maintain a grounded, reflective and open-minded approach in our life and work. (Consider signing up for an upcoming Social Connection Council.)

●      Compassionate Action: Self-awareness, attentive listening and authentic expression build positive relationships. Real change cannot occur without meaningful connection and mutual understanding. We will remain grounded in authentic presence and take action in alignment with our values of compassion, wellbeing and justice for all.

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Beyond Us and Them team

Beyond Us and Them team

Beyond Us and Them is the leading solution-focused organization providing dynamic and scalable practices to combat the loneliness epidemic and foster social connection.

It creates programs and delivers training for law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, educators, policymakers, and community-based organizations, among other populations and individuals, to cultivate wellness, relationality, compassion, and resilience.