Leaving Prison Behind workshop: A Council Before I Go with Zen Peacemakers

Roshi Eve Marko and Jared Seide, Exec Director of Beyond Us & Them, joined Zen Peacemakers in a dynamic conversation about Leaving Prison Behind: A Council Before I Go.

This new illustrated novella chronicles the journey of Ray, a fictionalized participant in a council-based program for incarcerated people. Practiced in dozens of prisons throughout California, council has become a skillful means for relieving suffering for thousands who are on the journey home. Center for Council (Now Beyond Us & Them) received the “Innovations in Corrections” award from the American Correctional Association for its successful programming; while acknowledged to be beneficial in the rehabilitation process, listening and speaking from the heart is a practice that has the potential to help unshackle us all from old ideas of who we are supposed to be, and how we should be with others, helping us bear witness to our common narrative as humans and fostering authenticity and compassion in our lives. 

Watch the full discussion here:

Duration: 90 minutes Format: Talk, followed by Q&A.

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Beyond Us and Them team

Beyond Us and Them team

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