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Our council-based programs support professionals across the spectrum of the educational system and foster more cohesive and compassionate school communities.

healthier school culture

Beyond Us & Them provides an evidence-based resource that can be integrated into any educational environment to achieve a high-impact, sustainable shift toward a more cooperative, creative, and engaged learning environment.

Our council-led programs enhance communication and strengthen connections between colleagues, supporting more resilient, creative, and cohesive teams.

Embedding council in your school culture can help

  • transform relationships
  • enhance teambuilding
  • mitigate work stressors
  • foster a sense of inclusion
  • support health and wellbeing


youth group sat in council circle as part of beyond us and them's schools and edcuators program

creating connection through compassion

Beyond Us & Them's programs in California schools and organizations have had a profound and transformative impact. Our program outcomes include:

  • school communities become more cohesive and compassionate
  • stakeholders engage more deeply
  • staff develop a greater sense of connection
  • students feel seen and valued

council practice can be integrated into staff development, classroom work, student leadership activities, and accountability processes.

programs for educators

From immersive workshops and retreats to extended coaching, we provide a wide range of services to support healthy, compassionate, and motivated school culture. Participants report experiencing a positive change in how they connect with colleagues, friends and loved ones, as well as with students.

School staff describe a reduction in work-related stressors, more engagement and comfort in expressing themselves, and a better understanding of those around them.

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wellbeing programs for youth

Our team of Council Trainers represents decades of experience working in education, early childhood development, and child and family therapeutic practice.

Our council programs support children in educational settings, ranging from elementary schools through university settings, and we continue to encourage the inclusion and engagement of youth in Community Council Circles, in our work with educators, with system-impacted youth and families, and beyond.

real life stories

Sometimes called Listening Circles, council is a practice derived from a number of different traditions that involves bringing individuals together in a circle, with intentional facilitation, for a candid and heartfelt conversation. Within the circle, participants are offered the opportunity to talk one-at-a-time, speaking from personal experience rather than opinion. 

Participants are encouraged to speak authentically, and to listen deeply, without comment or judgment. 

Find out more about council.

​Council not only increases campus well-being, but also provides a dynamic platform for the development of creative school curricula, instructional strategies, support services and Restorative Justice practices.

faculty and staff training programs 

We offer a range of options for educators from facilitated council sessions and council training to a 6-month wellness and resiliency skills program. We also offer fully customized programs to address a variety of topic areas, including:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Culturally Based Communication
  • Community Engagement & Outreach
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Exploration
  • Unpacking Values and Bias
  • Restorative Practices

Additional units that address integrating council into the classroom are also available. Topics are developed and integrated as a supplement to basic training in council practice and can be customized to meet the needs of unique environments and groups of participants.

Contact us for more information about our professional trainings and customized programs.

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building character & nourishing school culture 

fortune school of education

Read about our unique partnership to support social-emotional learning, enhance character-building and improve school culture with Fortune School of Education, a system of tuition-free, college preparatory public charter schools.

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