Voyage LA: community highlights article

Jared Seide discusses his transition from the entertainment industry to leading Center for Council (now Beyond Us & Them), highlighting the power of “council” practice in healing and connecting communities. This approach has proven transformative in various settings, including schools, prisons, and law enforcement, fostering empathy, self-awareness, and resilience. Beyond Us & Them also focuses…

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Code Pink: Interview with Jared Seide

code pink - women for peace logo

Beyond Us & Them’s executive director Jared Seide spoke with our friends at Code Pink, a feminist grassroots organization working to end U.S. warfare and imperialism. In the interview, Jared Seide defines the “Local Peace Economy” as a community-focused system that promotes sustainability, equality, and connection to combat systemic imbalances in resources and access. He…

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POWER Training: on the Cutting-Edge of Scientific Research on the Physiological Benefits of Council

university police station_beyond us and them research

Trainers with Beyond Us & Them’s (formerly Center for Council’s) POWER Training Program for law enforcement officers traveled south to San Diego for the last session of a three-month intensive workshop involving officers from the police departments of four local universities: University of California San Diego, California State University San Marcos, Palomar College and Miracosta…

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Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times- Medium Article

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Jared Seide, founder of Beyond Us & Them, shares his journey from a Hollywood career to becoming a leader in fostering community and resilience through the practice of council. He emphasizes the importance of authentic storytelling and listening for building connections and understanding across diverse groups. His work extends to various sectors, including law enforcement…

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Recovering Compassion with Jared Seide: Clerestory magazine

clerestory magazine logo

Clerestory Magazine: ISSUE No. 2 CommunityINTERVIEW BY Sarah James The article “Recovering Compassion with Jared Seide” in Clerestory Magazine features an interview with Jared Seide, the executive director of Beyond Us & Them. The article discusses the practice of council, an ancient technique used to foster empathy and connection within diverse groups, such as in…

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The Art of Nicole Buffett: Council Of…

Nicole Buffet artist - a council of... art series_beyond us and them

Artist Nicole Buffett’s new collection of paintings, entitled Council of…, was inspired by, and benefits the work of Center for Council/ Beyond Us & Them. In this video interview, Nicole discusses this new work with Center for Council Executive Director Jared Seide Nicole discusses how in the process of creating these mandala-like pieces she was reminded of…

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Corrections Today Article: May/June 2020

Corrections today logo

The article discusses the transformative impact of the Inmate Council Program (ICP) led by Beyond Us and Them, which received the 2020 Innovations in Corrections Award. Spearheaded by Jared Seide and Samuel Escobar Jr., the program is implemented in over 20 California prisons. It focuses on using council practices to help inmates reflect on their…

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The Power Of Story: Sun Magazine Article

hands of someone sat in council circle

Jared Seide On How Listening To Each Other Can Restore Our Humanity. The article “The Power of Story” from The Sun Magazine explores the transformative potential of Council, a method where people gather in a circle to share stories authentically and listen without judgment. Jared Seide, who has led Council sessions in diverse settings including…

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Our International partnerships

Beyond Us & Them has played a critical role in a series of interfaith “Bearing Witness Retreat” programs offered through Zen Peacemakers. At each of these international events, Beyond Us & Them offers training, coordination, support and consultation in integrating Council practice. Daily small-group Councils are offered, led by trained facilitators, and public trainings and…

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The 3-minute Storyteller: Jared Seide

Beyond Us & Them’s Executive Director, Jared Seide met with the 3-minute Storyteller to share his thoughts on the suffering that is caused by buying into the illusion that we are not all profoundly connected and interconnected. Wtach the full video here. Check out more 3-minute Storytelling sessions here.

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